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Considered the premier neurology group in Northern Virginia, Neuroscience Consultants PLC was established in 1998 by a group of well-established, experienced and respected neurologists. We provide the full spectrum of services in the neurology specialty and maintain the highest level of dedication to our patients’ comfort and well-being.

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Treating the full spectrum of neurological disorders for over 20 years, the providers of Neuroscience Consultants, PLC are leading experts in neurology in Northern Virginia. Both highly knowledgeable and experienced, the providers of NSCPLC devote the time to better understand our patients and provide the necessary care to achieve the best health outcomes possible. Our providers strive to provide exceptional, effective, and compassionate care to every individual who enters our offices.

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Our Specialties

Neuroscience Consultants offers a plethora of services to serve patients from Virginia, Washington DC, and Maryland

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MedStar Health Affiliation

MedStar Health is recognized as one of the leading healthcare providers in the metropolitan area

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