Oftentimes, diagnostic testing will have results that are “abnormal” but aren’t in fact concerning. Anything of concern will be discussed during your follow up visit. If you have questions regarding any of the findings, please do not hesitate to ask your provider for clarification.

Yes. The providers in our office care about your health and well-being. If there is a finding or result that is concerning, we will call you to discuss it. Otherwise, please maintain your scheduled appointment.

We do not give tests results over the phone. We do not list test results on the patient portal. Please make a face to face appointment with your provider to review test results and develop a treatment plan if necessary.

You may leave a message on the medication refill line. Please allow up to 2 business days for refill requests to be processed. Do not wait until you are out of medication to request a refill.

Please make an appointment with one of the providers.

Category: Medical Records

Please allow up to 72 full business hours for requests to be completed.

Category: Medical Records

Medical record request forms are available on the website.

Category: Medical Records

New patient forms can be found on our website.

We do not communicate over email. The appropriate route for communication is through the patient portal available on our website or via phone.

If it is necessary for the patient to cancel or reschedule their appointment, they must do so at least 24 business hours prior to their appointment to ensure a “no show” charge is not incurred. It is possible the patient will need to wait several weeks before the MD has an opening. The patient may choose to reschedule with another provider if they wish to be seen sooner. The same cancellation rules apply to the other providers.

If the patient arrives late for his/her appointment, they may be rescheduled at the provider’s discretion. This is to ensure the provider can spend adequate time with the patient as well as to avoid delaying the appointment times for the patients scheduled through the remainder of the day.

Records from previous Neurologists, images, ID card, insurance information. The patient MUST show their ID card and insurance information at every visit in order to be seen.

We will make every effort to extend the courtesy of a reminder for patient appointments. It is the ultimate responsibility of the patient to remain aware of the appointment date and time. The patient will be able to choose the desired method for reminders on the patient portal.

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